My top book picks for 2018

If you love reading and is looking for book suggestions, here are my top 3 favorite books from 2018.

These three books portray strong female characters and are extremely gripping, even though they belong to three different genres.

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama

This is a best seller for good reason. Michelle Obama candidly captures her life before and after becoming the First Lady of USA. I am not always a fan of biographies or autobiographies, because of the matter of fact approach most authors take. But this was a great read as Michelle Obama portrays her life honestly and I felt her feelings relatable. This would be a book that will appeal to people of all ages and everyone will have some good take away from this. I felt assured about many aspects in life after reading this and felt a sense of belonging to the universal sisterhood.

  • Night Film by Marisha Pessl

I usually get zoned out among the pages of long reads, but this was an exception. If a book of nearly 600 pages keeps you hooked till the end, I would say it is a masterpiece. It is haunting, suspenseful and has an eerie air to it for the most part. A different plot from what the usual thrillers is not the only element that makes this book interesting, but also the amount of details in the form of photographs and paper clips the author has added that makes this experience almost realistic. I got a second hand (but looks quite new) copy of this book from amazon and it came at a much cheaper rate. If you liked Gone Girl, you will like this for sure.

  • Jasmine Days by Benyamin

Aadu Jeevitham(Malayalam) or Goat days by Benyamin is a book that my grandfather gifted a younger me and it was a great emotional read. When I came across Jasmine Days at Blossom Book House at Church Street, I am quite eager to get hold of the original Malayalam book. My husband gifted me the same for my birthday and it was a double surprise as it came as a pack of two books.

One of the books is the story of Middle Eastern life through the eyes of a Pakistani girl, Sameera, who works as a radio jockey. As per the author, this book is a translation of the original Arabic book written by Sameera, that came to his possession through another person. This book changed my perception of the life of immigrants and the different Islamic sub castes in the country, altogether. The next book is the story of how Sameera’s book came into possession of the person, whose story Benyamin has ghost written. I read both the books while vacationing at Wayanad and it has been a memorable read.

Here is a wonderfulreview of this book that will give you a better insight on it: