Must have skincare products in your travel bag

I am back from the one week Swiz-Italy trip and you would have seen the lovely photos in the insta handle. It was great going on a trip with friends and the places we visited were picturisque and culturally vibrant. Before I write about my travel experience in upcoming posts, I thought I would tell you about the products that I carried with me. So read on about the travle skincare must haves.

Travel essentials

I carry my skincare products in this cloth pouch, which I won in a giveaway by Karibykriti a while back. It is quite big to carry all the products and convenient. Since it is cloth, you can adjust it in easily.

Handmade Cloth pouch

Sometimes when you buy full sized products, you get complimentary travel sized samples from brands. I save these to take with me during trips like these. Also small ziplocks comes in handy a lot. Nykaa sometimes sends lipsticks in such good quality ziplocks and I carried all the liquid products in these.

Zip lock pouches
  • Cleanser : Always carry a cleansing wipe and a gentle face wash

Since it was a road trip and we were staying in Airbnbs or dorms mostly, I didn’t want to carry elaborate cleansing products. I would always have cleansing wipes in my hand bag but at the end of the day, I always prefer cleansing my face thoroughly with a good cleanser.

I wanted a travel sized emulsifying cleanser and I bought one greentea emulsifying cleansing balm from the brand Dermitecture, on a sale. Eventhough I am not into impulse buys, especially from new brands, I decided to give it a try since emulsifying balms are easy to use. The idea is to use the balm to breakdown all the oil-dissolving dirt , later use water to emulsify this and wash it off without having to use a separate foaming cleanser.

Much to my disappointment, the cleansing balm didn’t work as expected. Also surprised that ingredient list was not given in the product. This green balm did not break down to oils during massage and didnot emulsify on contact with water. So that was a let down. (I contacted the brand later regarding this and apparently they missed an ingredient in the batch. They apologised for the mistake and refunded the amount. )

So I relied mostly on the Himalaya Aloe wipes and borrowed face washes from friends.

  • Face mists : This is optional but it keeps you refreshed in hot climate

Rome and Venice were quite hot and spraying a mist now and then really helps in preventing sun burns. Especially when standing in long queues out in the sun, waiting to enter museums, a bottle of water and a face mist are your best companions. Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Rose Water is a great option.

Juicy Chemistry Rose Face Mist

I love their new glass packaging and the spray nozzle is much superior to the earlier one. The droplets are fine and covers your face in one or two spritzes. But I don’t prefer carryig heavy bottles in my handbag and so transferred it to a small travel sized spray bottle to carry with me.

  • Moisturizers : A good cream based one is essential for the colder places

I always save the tiny lip balm tubs, so that during travels I can carry creams in them. Since most of the moisturisers comes in big tubs or glass bottles, I prefer transferring the required quantity to smaller tubs for convenience.

Pure Bubbles Propolis Sleeping Cream

I carried with me the Suganda White lotus moisturiser and Pure Bubbles Propolis sleeping cream. My husband and I used the latter mostly because it is thicker and apt for the cold Switzerland climate. Suganda one, as you can find out from the review, is light weight and best for hot humid climate.

You really need a thick moisturiser irrsepctive of your skin type in cold climate. Especially your nose and mouth area will get patchy and dry and it is soothing to use creams thans balms. Pure bubbles’ one served the purpose well.

You can double this as body cream as well but I carried a separate body lotion. If you have flip caps for the lotion, beware. Mine got opened because of the pressure difference and leaked a bit.

  • Body wash : Get a travel sized mini one and preferably gel based for leak proof travel.

Carrying soap bar is not practical and airbnbs mostly doesn’t provide bath esseintal samples. I bought the mini Indian rose absolute silkening shower wash from Forest essentials.

Fores Essentials Shower Gel

It is quite thick and the stopper cap is of great quality. A little goes a long way and is very gentle. Requires minimal water to wash it off and can double up as face wash as well. Economical, travel friendly and convenient.

  • Lip balm : ***Essential***

My lips are always dry irrespective of the weather and so lip balms are my constant companions. But I didn’t want to travel with butter based organic lip balms, since they melt easily in warm climate. So Nuxe lipbalm , which is my favorite winter care balm, is what I used. It is very thick and the tub is leak proof. Also if your lips get flaky, just add a pinch of sugar to some balm and use it as a scrub.

  • Hair Spa instead of oil

I didn’t want to risk an oil leak, especially since I was carrying back pack and not a spacious trolley. So instead of hair oil, I carried the travel sized version of Kuntal hair spa that I got for free on buying the full sized version. Since I have oily scalp, I can do without oils anyway and this one being a thick liquid is not prone to leakage.

Kuntal Hair Spa
  • Hair Cleanser : Don’t forget to carry a travel sized hair dryer

I didn’t want to take the risk of carrying a liquid shampoo. So I transferred my current favorite Goop Salt Scrub shampoo (checkout my insta post) to a tiny lip balm tub and carried it around conveniently in my pouch. This is a thick creamy cleanser and also a pea sized quantity is sufficient for one time use.

  • Sunscreen : Whether you are in Switzerland or Rome, sunscreen is a must

I generally use Mom & World mineral based baby sunscreem with SPF 50. But the pump bottle has a very bad nozzle which breaks after few uses. So I bought Lotus Safe Sun sunscreen for the trip.

I used to be the person who travelled minimally and not use any skincare products apart from a lip balm and probably a moisturiser during my trips. But I realized how much skin suffers after I return home, because of the minimal care I take during the trips. My skin would be dull and sun damaged and it would take me a long while to get it back to life. So even if you can’t carry all of these in your travel kit, atleast make sure a good sunscreen and cleanser is something you take.

Let me know your thoughts on skincare during trips and any tips you would like to share.

Easy and effective daily skincare regime for busy bees

This is a skincare routine for women/men on the go. This will suit all skin types and is a basic regime to keep your skin healthy. The products mentioned here are multitasking ones that shows result from the very first use. Some of these may be on the higher end in terms of price but it’s always better to use good quality products that are effective, rather than using a lot of average ones.

Let me suggest that one product you can use daily as a cleanser, scrub and mask. This was listed as one of the multi tasking products in my previous post (link).

Forest essentials Narangi and Nagkesar ubtan

This is the one product from FE that I would highly recommend for all skin types. I spent few hours literally sniffing around in FE store because trust me you wouldn’t like the fragrance of most of the products. It is important to understand the varieties available and your specific need before investing in a high end brand. So I narrowed it down to this ubtan and I should say this is worth the hype. Also as mentioned in the previous post I bought it for a less price online.

Fragrance : Very sweet, refreshing citrusy fragrance of oranges
Ingredients :Pistachio seeds, cashew nuts, sweet almond seeds, narangi peel, licorice, fenugreek, vetiver etc

Mix a very small quantity(less than a tea spoon) of the product with rose water/water/any natural face mists and apply to wet face. Lightly massage the product on the skin and wash it off.Repeat it at night after you are back from work or just before sleep.

Scrub(Maximum twice a week) :
After using it as a cleanser, instead of washing it off, let it sit on the face till it gets slightly dry. Then massage in upward motion and wash it off.You can also add rose petal powder to the mix for that extra grit.

Wash your face with warm water.Mix the product with curd and few drops of any essential oil of your choice (optional) and apply it evenly on skin. The efficacy is better when mixed with curd, as the product becomes very smooth unlike the crumbly mix on using water. Also it helps to keep the product moist for long and there by work better on the skin. Keep it for 15-20 min and wash it off.

Another effective mask is to mix the ubtan with tomato juice and aloevera gel. This helps in pigmentation as well.

And if your DIY mode is not ON, you can just mix it with honey and use.

What it does to your skin when used consistently:
Evens out the complexion.
Brightens the skin.
Cleanses and tones the skin.
Rubbing the ubtan upwards when it dries, helps in removing facial hair over a period of time.
Keeps skin fresh and supple. This one doesn’t dry out the skin.
Gives a mini facial effect when used as a mask as mentioned above.

Now incase you want to know my skin care regime, here is a sneak peek :

1. Cleanser : Vanavidhi thai coconut face wash (Very mild) > daily
2. Scrub : Fuschia green tea face scrub (Just trying to finish the left over). Read the review here ? Whenever my skin feels dull.
3. Mask : The FE narangi ubtan mask > once a week for that glow.

You can find more multitasking products in my previous post. Also make sure you keep your skincare simple. It’s not about using a lot of products (I don’t understand the korean skincare hype), it is about using the right products consistently.

Also a lot of you are asking me about hair care regime in the insta page. So the next post will be about that. Do send your queries so that I can address it all in the coming post. Also follow us on fb and insta for more skin care tips.

Best Skincare Finds : Multitasking products for all skin types

This is going to be a short post on 3 of my current favorite skin polishes. These exfoliants suits most skin types and can be used as cleanser, exfoliant and as face mask.

1. 3 in 1 Mud Ash by Green berry organics

Tea tree oil is one of my go to things when it comes to break out or irritated skin and charcoal as well all know is highly detoxifying. So here is a great combination of both that can be used as a cleanser, scrub or as a face pack.

With impressive ingredients like bentonite clay, charcoal, tea tree oil, walnut shell powder and many more, this wet face pack+cleanser+scrub suits all skin types except for sensitive ones. I bought this from Amazon and it smells of tea tree oil. It has a cooling effect on skin when applied and has grainy scrubby powder that can be a harsh for sensitive skin types.

I use it mostly as a face pack or body scrub. If I use it as a face pack, I make sure to wipe it off gently as I don’t like harsh scrubby particles rubbing on my skin.

2. Gravitale Revitalizing Skin Gel

If you are not a fan of physical exfoliants, this product is the one to go for.

Sold exclusively on, this grape based skin gel is nothing short of a luxury product. Gravitale is the world’s first integrated vinotherapy products company to exclusively grow their own grapes for skincare purposes. Imagine a vineyard with grapes used just for making pure skincare products.

Grapes are a source of phenolic antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, and Vitamin C. Even though there are no physical scrubby particles, this gel gives an exfoliated effect after use. It makes the skin soft, smooth and glowing.

You can either use it as a mask, after normal cleansing or follow the steps below.

Steps for that perfect glow:

1. Double cleanse your face with a light non sticky oil. Find the detailed post here
2. Wipe off the excess oil and apply a thin layer of the revitalizing gel
3. Wait for 10min and wash off with warm water.


A little amount goes a long way and you can see the grape peels dispersed in the product. This will suit even sensitive skin.

3. The cult favorite : Forest Essentials Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan

If you want to buy one product from FE that is multitasking and effective for your skin, this is the one. Also the rates have increased in the Forest Essentials official site for this but I got it from, where the price was still not updated. I knew there might be an price rise after GST I was keeping a track on the prices in the FE site. So next time you buy an expensive product, check the same in other sites like Amazon and Nykaa because they might still have the old stock at reduced prices.

This is an ubtan that smells like an orange orchard. Mild on skin and is best when used with curd or rose water.

Make sure you don’t dip your wet hands in the tub. The powder will grow mild in no time, if you are not careful.

Forest Essentials – Cane sugar lip scrub

Forest Essential is a luxury skincare brand that offers natural skincare products with premium ingredients. As expected the prices are on the higher side. I had always wanted to try their products but found them quite pricey. I visited one of their outlets once and this scrub caught my attention. Even though now I can make my own lip scrubs with easily available ingredients at home, then I didn’t know that such a product existed. I have issues with my dry lips so I got this lip scrub.




Price : Rs 475
Quantity : 8g
Fragrance : Citrusy, lemon zesty
Texture : Moist grainy texture

How to Use : Rub a small amount over lips to exfoliate and smooth. Rinse, or wipe off excess with damp tissue. Use lip balm or lipstick as required.

Feel : It is not harsh on lips.The sugar particles are very small and moist with all other oils and extracts soaking it.

Ingredients : The list  is quite impressive. All natural ingredients.

Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Kokum Seed Butter, Beeswax, Sugar, Vitamin E, Grape Juice, Rose Flower Extract, Sweet Orange Peel Oil

Quantity required for application : Just a small amount. Less than a pinch.

Value for money : Well it is pricey for 8g of product and not very helpful for my dry flaky lips.

First of all let me tell you my lip texture. It is prone to extreme dryness leading to dry flaky hard skin on the lips. I have a terrible time during winters. None of the store bought lip balms (trust me, I have tried it all) have helped in healing my lips or keeping is moisturized for long.

This is the first forest essentials product I bought after visiting their store. Lip scrubs are very essential if you have dry lips like mine. Lip balms will not help in removing the dead skin from lips.

Happy soft supple lips = Exfoliate + moisturise

How I use it : Wash my lips with warm water to make the skin soft. Apply a small quantity of the product to lips and gently massage to exfoliate skin.

Did I like it ????
Well the think my lips needs a bit for stronger scrub. The dead skin doesn’t come off much after applying this scrub and I have to peel it off to completely remove it.

I am not repurchasing it.

So for those of you with better lips than mine, that is not too dry or flaky, this might work.