Plum Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal

I love kajals and cannot step out without lining my eyes with a kohl. I have tried many many kohls and kajals till date from brands like lakme, maybelline, loreal etc. Maybelline colossal kajal was my go to kajal for a long time. But since I started using only natural skin care brands, I was on the look out for a chemical free kajal for eyes.

Brands like Himalaya and many more make chemical free kajals, but these kajals are really soft and they smudges easily. Also the blunt conical tips cannot be sharpened for Himalaya kohl.

I came across good reviews for Plum kajal and got it immediately from their site.


Price : Rs 425 for 1.25gm

Brand claims :100% natural Angel Eyes true black kohl kajal with no synthetic dyes, preservatives or other chemicals. Ultra-soft, creamy formula made from jojoba oil, macadamia oil and soothing chamomile extracts.

Jojoba oil
Pronounced “ho-ho-ba” oil, jojoba oil is a skin-compatible naturally occurring “goody” that PLUM loves. Because it resembles the natural chemistry of sebum on skin, it has excellent healing and moisturizing properties to keep your eyes shining through the day

Macadamia oil
Rich in antioxidants, including squalene, a naturally occurring antioxidant present within our skin, macadamia oil makes this formulation supremely skin-compatible.

Chamomile flower extracts
Soothing, relaxing, and calming. Now you know what Angel Eyes is all about.

Mango seed oil
Bet you never thought about oil when you saw mangoes. Some of us did, and decided to include this really exquisite source of essential fatty acids and vitamins in our kohl kajal

Packing : The pencil has a white cover with purple label for plum. The sharpener is purple and lime green in colour. It has 2 holes, 1 for making blunt tip and another for sharp tip.


My experience:

The kohl is expensive but considering the ingredient list and the fact that it is chemical free and safe for water line, I am ok with the price.

It needs to be sharpened and doesn’t come in retractable packing, which is a low for me as there is product wastage while sharpening.

The kohl is soft and not at all harsh on eyes. When used to line upper lid, it remains smudge free for a long time.  But for lower waterline, it smudges after a while for me. Even then it doesn’t make hideous black smudges. I usually use a nude shade eye shadow just below the kohl line to make it smudge proof.

With sharpened tip, I manage to make winged eyes but it lightens after a while and loses it’s shape.

The colour pay off is great and this kohl is ideal for smokey eyes. It doesn’t cause any irritation to eyes or causes tears as some kajals do because of the presence of natural ingredients.

Quantity is alright. I have been using this for 4 months now and I managed to finish just half of the product.

This is a good buy but I am still on the look out for smudge free, long lasting natural liner.

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