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Here is my last post for 2018 and it is a review post. I participated in a giveaway by the brand Rzizhi in Instagram and eventhough I didn’t win the free goodies, I got a 15% off offer on their products. I had read rave reviews of their products and I was looking forward to trying them. Since I already had my skincare routine in place and I felt I should try something for my hair. So I chose the Toss your mane hair mayo from their range.

About the brand : Rzizhi is a home based brand that makes fresh batch of products with potent ingredients, to order. “Zizhi” means homemade. Their product range includes face mask, face serums, scrubs, hair care products etc.

My expectations from this mask : Help strengthen and nourish the scalp, fight dandruff and probably help to reduce hair fall due to breakage.


Ingredients  : Eggyolk, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mustard, Olive oil, Walnut oil, Coconut oil, Nigella seed oil, Black til oil, Argan oil.

Originally priced at : Rs 699

My take on the product:

The hair mayo comes in a sturdy jar and has a label printed with the ingredients list. The product has an achar like smell which is strong but not bothersome to me. The oils gets separated and settles at the top of the jar when kept still, so you have to mix it properly with a dry spatula before application.


I have naturally straight hair with slightly oily scalp. Usually I oil my hair thrice a week and cleanse it with a chemical free shampoo.  I am currently using the Vilvah goat milk shampoo, but I don’t think i will repurchase it. The shampoo is too mild for oily scalp and doesn’t wash of oiliness even with by applying it thrice in a wash.

So one thing I learnt from using products over these years is that, even if the ingredients are great in a natural product, it might not work for your skin/hair type and you can only figure it out by using it. Reading reviews will only help to some extend as the efficacy depends also on your skin type, skin condition, climate of the place, exposure to pollutants and sun, water quality, health etc.

Now coming to the Rzizhi hair mayo, it didn’t work for me. Or rather it worked too well for me. I shall explain.

I applied it moderately in scalp by partitioning the hair, and waited for 20min before washing it off with the above mentioned Shampoo. The mayo is quite oily as it is made of many different oils. I washed my hair a couple of time using the cleanser and on air drying, my hair appeared weighed down and oily. It got worse as the day went by and got oilier. So next day I shampooed my hair again, without applying any oil. Even that didn’t help as my scalp still felt oily later the day.  I tried using it in lesser quantity and tried a different hair cleanser but even that didn’t help. Actually I was asked whether I had oiled my hair and forgotten to wash, when I stepped out. Also my husband thought my hair was still wet from the bath. So this is not the product for me.

My verdict is that, this mayo is best suited for people with dry hair/scalp and it does nourish the hair quite well. Might work well for curly haired people as well as a pre-wash conditioner to tame the curls. But definitely not suited for oily scalp. Don’t overdose your scalp with heavy duty products, if it is not right for you. I am back to my lime, oil and vit E mask.

The brand Rzizhi do have many more products and I will for sure try them out in future, as they look promising and has worked wonderfully for many.

Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope 2019 turns out great for you all.


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Winter skin care


The climate is chilly and dry. Our skin and hair tend to get really affected by the change in climate. I have previously written a post on winter skin care regime in 2016  but I should say the only product I still use from the stash is the burt’s bees lip balm.

My skincare regime has evolved over these two years and I am more inclined towards the Korean skin care method of layering products on skin, than using heavy products on skin.

So here are some products I have been using for quite sometime now and the only difference I would make for the Winter, is to layer it more.


  • Cleanser : Washed ghee(click for review)
  • Toner : Chamomile and Roman Witch Hazel mist from Indulgeo essentials.

Toner for me is to just refresh the skin when it feels dry/dehydrated or dull. A spritz of cool mist wakes up the skin instantly. Here are some of my other favorite toner reviews : Face mists review 1 , Zofla rose water

  • Moisturizer :


I don’t really get time for an elaborate skin care routine in the morning. So the only product I usually use is the Nivea Super Water Gel Sunscreen with Spf 50 and PA+++.

If there is one product I would suggest you never miss is a good sunscreen. this can prevent photoageing, pigmentation and many other skin related concerns in the long run.

Recently I have started trying the Squalene Skin Hydrator, which is a very light moisturizer ideal for oily skin, from Indulgeo essentials. Shall write a review once I have used it for a while.


This is when I got about my layering game. I have been using three products from last 4 months and these are:

Buffet from The Ordinary


Yuja Water Serum from Skin Food which is  vit C serum.

Advanced snail 96 Mucin Power Essence from Cos Rx


Do comment below incase you would like to know more about Korean skin care and detailed reviews of these products.

Face Mask:

The Skin Yoga Sandalwood and Saffron face mask is the most moisturizing mask I have come across. This would be ideal for normal to extremely dry skin types. Also check out the green tea face mask review, incase you are looking for acne free skin.

Lip balm:

Nuxe lipbalm is the next best thing to Burt’s Bees Lip balm I feel. I bought both The Ordinary Buffet and Nuxe from Cult Beauty website when they had free shipping offer to India. Nuxe is thick and I use it overnight like a lip mask.

Also do use sugar scrubs to exfoliate chapped lips before application.

As for the body, winter is the time for some sloughing and nourishing.

  • Body scrub : Checkout the many many scrub reviews in this blog. You can also make them at home by using ingredients like ground coffee, sugar, salt, rose petal powder etc.
  • Body butter : Again i have reviewed many body butters before. Incase your skin is flaky and dry, body butters work better for the skin in winters.
  • Cold pressed soaps : Using cold pressed soaps make sure that the skin is not stripped off the moisture and it doesn’t dry out the skin. Make sure you stay away from products having foaming agents like SLS and other harsh chemicals.

Hair care:

I warm few drops of JC hair mask or coconut oil and mix few drops of lime juice in it. This mask will help a lot with flaky scalp. Also use a mild hair cleanser. I ma currently using the Vilvah goat milk shampoo, but this is not ideal for oily hair as it is too mild to wash away the oiliness in even two washes.

According to Ayurveda, this is the time to nourish our body and get it ready for the summer months. So it is very necessary to exercise well, eat well and also have regular oil baths to keep the skin protected.

Hope you liked the post. Do follow on Instagram for more skincare tips and healthy food recipes.

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