Dhathri Herbal Shampoos

Let me review a commercial herbal brand today, that has a variety of skin care and health care products and is widely available irrespective of being from the small state of Kerala. Dhathri is a brand we associate with Ayurveda. The growth of the brand was fast and tremendous. Starting from a successful herbal oil, the brand now has plethora of products in market.

Their herbal oils, shampoos and facemask were the first herbal products I used throughout college.

There are three shampoos from the brand that I have used, the most used being Dheedhi aloe shampoo. But not to make this post really long, I will review it later.


Dhathri Chemparathi Thaali

Thaali is an age old hair cleanser recipe followed by our grandmoms and moms. It is basically a pulp of hibiscus flowers and leaves mixed in water or boiled rice water. I apply this to hair instead of shampoo whenever I am home. All you need to do is crush the flowers and leaves of dark red hibiscus with hand in a bowl of water and extract the pulp. Massage this to wet hair and wash it off.

I couldn’t believe it when Ayurveda companies commercialized this and brought it in bottles.



Price : Rs 90 for 100ml

Ingredients :

Chemparathi -10g,Kandakari -5g, Brahmi -10g,Kattarvazha(aloevera) -10g, Nellikka(amla)  -1.25g ,Thiruthali-5g.


My Experience:

The product is herbal with no added chemicals and is pocket friendly.It is colourless and has herbal smell.But I feel that there is added fragrance. This shampoo is really mild and if hair is heavily oiled you need a good quantity to wash it off completely. It lathers well but not as much as chemical laden shampoos. Overall it is a good buy for daily use if you are looking for simple ingredients and if you dont have hair problems like hair fall or dandruff.

Dheedhi Ayurveda Lime Shampoo


Price :Rs 130 for 100ml

Ingredients : Lemon (Citrus limonum. Fr.-Fresh): 5ml, Indian Pennywort (Centella asiatica, W.P.-Fresh): 1.25g, Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum, W.P.-Fresh): 1.25g, Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis, Fr.-Dr.): 1.25g, Thorn apple (Datura metel, Lf. & Sd.-Fresh): 5g, Thyme (Bacopa monnieri, W.P.-Fresh): 1.25g, Indian aloe (Aloe vera, Lf.-Fresh): 20ml, Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera, Endo.-Oil): 5ml

Colour : Lemon yellow

Fragrance : Heady scent of lime probably because of lemon oil, but this reminds me of floor cleaner smell.

Product Claim :

 A comparison between both in the picture above.


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